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Amira Ring - Silver
Amira Ring - GoldAmira Ring - Gold
Katya Earring - SilverKatya Earring - Silver
Katya Earring - GoldKatya Earring - Gold
Bonnie Earrings - GoldBonnie Earrings - Gold
Yael earrings - GoldYael earrings - Gold
Cordelia Pearl Earrings - SilverCordelia Pearl Earrings - Silver
Cordelia Pearl Earrings - GoldCordelia Pearl Earrings - Gold
Elisa Earrings - GoldElisa Earrings - Gold
Avery Earrings - GoldAvery Earrings - Gold
Link Up Gold Hoop - MediumLink Up Gold Hoop - Medium
Rose Heart Necklace - GoldRose Heart Necklace - Gold
Molly Zircon Earrings - SilverMolly Zircon Earrings - Silver
Scarlet Hoop Earrings - SilverScarlet Hoop Earrings - Silver
Arabella Hoop Earrings - SilverArabella Hoop Earrings - Silver
Sebastian Hoop Earrings - SilverSebastian Hoop Earrings - Silver
Cornicello Charm Necklace - SilverCornicello Charm Necklace - Silver
Harlow Bracelet - SilverHarlow Bracelet - Silver
Harlow Bracelet - GoldHarlow Bracelet - Gold
Frida Bracelet - Crystal/SilverFrida Bracelet - Crystal/Silver
Cornicello Charm Necklace - RedCornicello Charm Necklace - Red
Molly Zircon Earrings - GoldMolly Zircon Earrings - Gold
Effie Gold EarringsEffie Gold Earrings
Sold outLayne Gold CuffLayne Gold Cuff
Arms Of Eve
Layne Gold Cuff Sale price$119.00
Lev Heart Necklace - GoldLev Heart Necklace - Gold
Sweetheart Gold Earrings - SmallSweetheart Gold Earrings - Small
Sold outHenrietta Earrings - GoldHenrietta Earrings - Gold
Fleur Necklace - GoldFleur Necklace - Gold
Marley Hoops - SilverMarley Hoops - Silver
Fiona Bracelet - GoldFiona Bracelet - Gold
Sylvia Silver Snake Chain NecklaceSylvia Silver Snake Chain Necklace
Santana Silver BraceletSantana Silver Bracelet
Bahamas Pearl NecklaceBahamas Pearl Necklace
Boaz Silver EarringsBoaz Silver Earrings
Esme Bracelet - GoldEsme Bracelet - Gold
Odessa Hoops - Silver
Madonna Pendant Necklace - GoldMadonna Pendant Necklace - Gold
Annika Sleepers - SilverAnnika Sleepers - Silver
Cornicello Gold Charm Earring - SmallCornicello Gold Charm Earring - Small
Helios Silver Cuff BraceletHelios Silver Cuff Bracelet
Nico Gold NecklaceNico Gold Necklace
Ivy Earring - GoldIvy Earring - Gold
Sold outQuinn Hoop - GoldQuinn Hoop - Gold
Sold outMikayla Silver EarringsMikayla Silver Earrings
Delphine Gold EarringsDelphine Gold Earrings
Magenta Earrings - SapphireMagenta Earrings - Sapphire
Sold outEmilia Gold EarringsEmilia Gold Earrings
Isadora Gold Earrings - Multi BlueIsadora Gold Earrings - Multi Blue